Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Scary Suprise

As I dive in to the tranquil water I notice a fin over my shoulder. My heart races as I paddle faster and faster, the fin approaches me, closer and closer. I shut my eyes and stood still. I could feel the water wrapping it's way around me. I started to mope and opened my eyes. I couldn't believe it. There, standing right in front of me, was an actual swimming.............DOLPHIN!!!!! I swam with the creature until I could not swim any more. I blinked 10 times and then saw my dad in the dolphin's place. I guess I was in now for our game of water tiggy. I wonder what happened to that dreamy dolphin.


  1. Love it! Dad a dolphin! Toreka I love reading your writing as you come up with new and capturing ways to keep your audience reading through to the end of your posts. Keep it going Dreamy Dolphin!

  2. That is great Toreka I have never seen one of those in my life but I hope that I see one of them when I go for camp to Kawau Islands!!!!