Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Brothers

Hello my readers, today I'll be talking to you about my big and also my baby brother. First of all there's my  brave elder brother, Tanielu.  He is a number one fan of the TIGERS.  He is 11 years old but plays for the Under 12 Mount Wellington rugby league team.   He is also famous on the internet, is published in a fancy magazine and has interviewed the prime minister!! How cool can life get? I am very proud of my big bro'.  He is a true role model to me.  I don't know what I'd do with out him.

And of course there's Justus.  The cute yet annoying little brother, with good looks that almost hypnotise my aunties with his cuteness. The little rascal is still very nice but most times a pain in the neck.   Even when he breaks my toys and makes too much noise he'll always be my little brother.  He is 3 years old and goes to a kindergarten called Te Ahou.  He's like a non-stop tennis-ball machine, spitting out the balls unexpectedly.

Thanks folks for reading my post.
P.S.Please click on Tanielu's name.


  1. Hi Toreka.

    Your brothers are very lucky to have a loving & caring big/little sister like you.


  2. Hey Toreka

    that was a nice story you wrote about your two brothers and yes my brother is sought of like that well thats all I have to say.

    and keep up the good work Reka

    your sincerely Jarna P.S your friend

  3. Oh how lovely Toreka. Justus - I love the way you described him - a 'non-stop tennis ball machine'. He certainly can be! I hope Tanielu gets to read this. I hope you know that you are a very good sister too. A caring and very patient sister you are!
    Lots of love