Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Terrific Teachers

Hello my fellow readers, to day I'll be talking to you about our magnificent teachers here at Pt England Primary. Our teachers aren't ordinary, they take their work really serious. For example, 5 of our teachers teach and also are coaches for our school sports team. 1 of our teachers are brand new, and still, she's terrific!

Every single netball game, my teacher always comes to support the netball girls. The other teachers in school also come to cheer us on.

Thank you to all of the teachers at Pt England. You are all a big part of our school and community.
Thanks again!



  1. Hi Toreka.

    What a lovely thing to write about the hard working teachers there at Pt England. Your right, our educators are a big part of our community and deserve every bit of the thanks they get.

  2. Good on you Toreka. It's great that you've written about the fantastic teachers you have at Pt England. What you've mentioned about them is true - they really do put in that extra bit that makes being a student at Pt England magnificient. You are blessed with many good teachers. I hope they get to read your post.
    Mum xx