Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Since Fluffy Got Sent Away

This poem is about my imaginary cat, Fluffy.  It is about how sad I was when he got sent away.  Enjoy!

The glitter on my shirt has faded
Feels like getting hit with trays
It's like my heart has been traded
Since Fluffy got sent away

Chocolate buttons now taste so spicy
Yellow looks like gruesome grey
My little brother seems so feisty
Since Fluffy got sent away

To think that our friendship would never end.
I insisted for her to stay
It's all because of the things I lend
Fluffy got sent away
My heart feels crumpled
Full of dismay
My confidence has tumbled
Since Fluffy got sent away

Image from:  wwws.furofeathers.com

By Toreka


  1. Hi Toreka that is very sad and interesting poem. I like it how you use very good vocabulary. The sentence I like most is Yellow looks gruesome. Thank you for visiting my blog Toreka. Good Job
    From Seini-Mino

  2. Hi Toreka

    What a cool poem you wrote about Fluffy. I think it will be very sad when someone is sent away from you. Is this a poem that has changed good things into bad things? Well please comment back to me I would really want to know just because this poem is very cute as well as very sad.

    Thank You Mubasshira

  3. Hi Toreka,
    I really liked that you turned good things to bad things.
    Wow!! I liked the way that you said"My little brother seems so fiesty since Fluffy got sent away.Also I also liked that you said"To think our friendship would never end,I insisted her to stay.

    Great job Toreka,Bye for now!!!

  4. I love the way you have crafted this poem. When you wrote about your feisty little brother I just had to smile :) And your crumpled heart made ME sad too. You have done a great job of expressing emotions. Well done.
    Mrs Burt

    PS I hope you like your KPE podcaster badge!