Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics (so far..)

Well, the Olympics for 2012 is well under way and has so far run smoothly.  I'm lying on my couch right now watching the replays and highlights, and have noticed how concentrated everyone is, in every sport.  Archery is a sport where you can see the concentration very easily.
As well as the 85kg women's weightlifting, those are some STRONG concentrated ladies.  In this photo is Mingjuan Wang winning weightlifting gold for China in the 48kg section with a overall score of 205kgs !!  She has apparently been the World Champion in this weight category for FOUR YEARS!!

Then there's that game handball, which is WAY more than just bouncing a small ball over a line.  What's funny is that although it isn't a contact sport, there is a lot of physical movement in this sport.  The game I watched was between Croatia and Brazil.  And I was obviously going for Croatia. To my disappointment and Brazil's joy, we lost by ONE point!!!!! 23 - 24 was the result.

I plans to post/update my blog with the Olympic series.  GO NEW ZEALAND!!

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  1. Nice work Toreka. I look forward to following the Olympics through your blog as we don't have television at our house :(

    Keep the posts coming - especially include your witty reflections to make us smile!

    Mrs Burt