Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Friend Roger Wagner

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roger Wagner, the man who invented HyperStudio, for the lovely disc he sent. I am very grateful for this. I was very excited when I received this.

Thanks for your comments and feedback. It's exciting to think that my work might be used for examples of hyperstudio around the world. I never knew that the inventor of my favourite multimedia programme, would be watching my blog. Thank you Roger Wagner for the wonderful gift. I'm looking forward to learning more about using this fabulous programme!


  1. Toreka - isn't this so special?! Did you imagine you'd ever receive such a gift? Then from the creator of Hyperstudio? I'm glad you've made a note of thanks here. I imagine Roger Wagner will be looking out for more of your fantastic work. Keep it going Toreka! love mum

  2. Yes, I definitely am looking out for more of your projects! I really enjoy your artwork and animations. You really are one of the great artists with HyperStudio!