Monday, August 9, 2010

....and Mrs Tele'a relates to a map, how?

During one of the extension sessions, Mrs Tele'a (the extension teacher) sat in the middle of the room, while the Yr 5 and 6 extension crew had to draw her from different angles. In this activity we only had five minutes to finish the complete drawing. The entire extension group have drawn a picture of this and on it, have put a few friends' drawings.
If I were to repeat this excersise, I would concentrate on my view, and not try and make up things I didn't see into the drawing.
We all had our own type of style. Every artist has their own type way of drawing. That explains why everyone's drawing looked different. No one had the same as any one. We all enjoyed this short project. We used hyperstudio to do this and only had about 10 minutes. Before this activity, we have all drawn a map from the school to our home, and a map of the eLearning centre. We looked at reference points when drawing maps and scale.
We did this because we tried to experience how difficult it was to be a famous explorer, find land, and then having to draw the country, with only a feather, ink and a piece of old paper. To get everything in the right proportions and scale things correctly. How hard it must have been to be one of the greatest explorers in the world.


  1. To Toreka,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. Our teachers did pick a cool topic for us, kids to learn about. It is amazing. Thanks once again.

    Your Sincerley,

  2. Hi Toreka,
    What a cool activity and a great way to 'get inside the head' of an explorer.
    A big thank you for presenting to our group last Thursday. I was very impressed by your confident delivery and use of eye contact. Plus you said we should check out your blog and post a comment... so I am :)
    Mr Fletcher

  3. Toreka - did you draw this directly on the computer, or on paper first and then scan it? When you are drawing on the computer, do you use just the mouse, or do you have a graphics tablet?

  4. Hi Mr Wagner!
    I drew this directly on the computer and I used the mouse. But I'd love to try the graphics tablet!
    By the way, I love the new version of Hyperstudio. I've been experimenting at home!
    God bless!