Monday, August 23, 2010

Life Among The Sea

Life must be so hard for a crawling litle crab. Their shells always getting tossed in to the sea. Children shrieking with excitement when they crawl out of their shells. Hiding underneath thick grey rocks, forever hoping that no one will find it. But then being lifted in the hands of an excited toddler.
Then everything changes when grown up. Being shoved around in the sea and then shooed away on shore by angry parents or scared children. From being lifted up to being pushed away.
Life must be so hard for a crawling little crab...


  1. Great piece of writing Toreka.

    What a good lesson for us to carry on despite the challenges we face each and every day!

  2. Honey a lovely piece of writing. I like how you give the comparison in the crabs treatment between the different ages of people. You are a good writer Toreka. Love you very much. x Mum

  3. Hi Toreka,
    I liked your writing about crabs. When my sister saw a crab once she said "I want to eat it" so did I but we weren't allowed. I also liked the way you explained the diffrent treatment that we give at all kind's of age. Well done!Keep up the great work.

    By Brooklyn