Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nerve Wracking Netball

It was a hot summer's day and I was sweating more than a man who just finished a marathon. We were trialling for Pt England's Year Six Netball team. Man it was hot! After I clicked a few bones, and almost had a heart attack, from running too fast, I got switched to the 'Center' position. It was quite hard. Everyone was crowding around me whenever I got the ball. That's why I was happier when I wasn't playing in the 'center' position. Playing netball last year, was really fun. One time, it started raining and my team, were the ONLY people who stayed outside and practised! Although it is tiring, it is quite fun. I hope that I make it in to the YEAR SIX netball team this year. I would also like to say GOOD LUCK to all the other people who trialed for the team.


  1. Nice to hear what you have been up to in the holidays Toreka.
    You sound as if you are all fired up and ready for this year's netball season. I'm looking forward to hearing your take on how the season goes, through your blog this year.

  2. Hi Toreka

    Great blog! The line 'I clicked a few bones and almost had a heart attack' sounds alot like what happens to me after some exercise! I'm sure you're super fit and will do well playing for the team. Good luck.

  3. Toreka, I really like your introduction when you talk about sweating like a man (or a person) who had just finished a marathon. Straight away I got an image in my head about how tired you must have been and the effort that you had put in, so I hope that you make it into the team and look forward to reading about your Netball exploits during term!
    Good luck with the local schools competition as well!
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  4. Hi Toreka,
    I really liked your post on your nerve wracking netball, it was really interesting. Great Job! Most of all I had liked your whole introduction of netball. It was very creative. Well done! I hope that you make it in. I look forward to everything that you had said. You must of put a lot of effort in that. If you would like to read any of my posts you can type in this: www.pesalat.blogspot.com or just click on my name to go back to my blog

    Good luck to todays netball trials Toreka!
    Well bye for now.
    Yours Sincerely,

  5. Hi Toreka. I'm very happy that you decided to give netball a go again this year. You'll find it fun how you get to understand the game even more now that you've had a season playing. You and your peers are very blessed to have teachers who coach and manage your teams. I love that you play only a few minutes away from school too. Keeping it all local is super! Keep trying Toreka, I hope you make it in too. If not, you can still be happy that you gave it a go. Champions never give up!