Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Highlights First, Then Holidays...

Kia Ora dear readers. Sadly, this is our last week, of Term 1. In this blog post, I am going to tell you, some of the highlights from Term 1.

The first thing that stood out for me was auditioning and getting the privilege to PRESENT in front of all of the visitors that come to our school. It has helped me a lot with my self-confidence. It builds up motivation in the other presenters as well as my self.

The second highlight - that was really huge, was when we got to talk to the world famous, head designer of NIKE. His name is Dwayne Edwards.(Scroll down to 'The Day Of D'Wayne) And that was all through the power of ROW(Rock Our World). It is a project that school's from around the world are part of. The founder of this project is Carol Anne McGuire. She is very famous and teaches all kinds of kids. She is also a specialist on the computer, and is one smart cookie!

Last but definitely not least, was our school's year five and six camp, Camp Kindness. It was shocking for me when my name got called out to be a LEADER. I definitely didn't see that coming! We all co-operated well and had a great time. I can't wait for the Year six camp!

I am looking forward to next term's theme which we will learn about. Why don't you leave a comment and suggest what you think next term's topic is. Take a guess. I would love to learn about animals.

Have a great holiday everyone! See you next term! Actually, I will be posting during the holidays.


  1. Hi Toreka!
    Have a great holiday! I'm so lucky because I get to work with super smart kids, like you!!!
    Carol Anne

  2. Hi Reks!

    Wow, what a fun-filled, informative and BUSY first term you've had! Just think, there are another 3 terms to come!? I didn't tell you that I watched your video conference with Dwayne Edwards here at work did I? He really liked all the questions that were coming from Pt England NZ didn't he? What a great opportunity and privilege you had in being selected to be a leader. I hope you were a good leader for your group? I'll take a guess and say your topic next term will be something to do with......sports!? Have a good holiday and looking forward to Room 17 kids blogs next term!