Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day Of D'Wayne

" Have you all finished sketching your shoes?" asked Mrs Tele'a. "Yeeeeesss" we all chorused. We were getting tips out of the head designer of Nike, D'Wayne Edwards. Yes, you heard me. The HEAD designer of Nike, D'Wayne Edwards. Did you know he designed the 2nd Air Jordan? AMAZING!! He says that his garage is full of the shoes he designs. He has made a lot of famous shoes, like one time, he made a special horse riding boot, and the people who wore it, received a medal at the Olympics! He has even designed a high heel shoe!Once, he used to work at McDonalds. His manager said that he would never get in to the foot wear thing. But when he went there for lunch, his manager came out and said" What are you doing here?" Then he replied by saying,"I've got a job as a shoe designer" Then the manager patted him on the back and said,"I knew you could do it!" I think this shows that D'Wayne never gave up, even when people doubted him.


  1. I like your summary of this experience Toreka. I thought D'Wayne was an amazing guy! Really inspiring. Imagine designing Air Jordan #2. How cool.

  2. Thanks for sharing this .. are you involved with the ROW project? We listened to D'Wayne on Friday.
    Rock On!
    Mrs. Smith- St. Petersburg, Florida

  3. WOW!! How cool that would have been to talk to to the head designer of Jordans!!! I hope that you have learnt alot of things from that man.

    From Tanielu (Dan)

  4. Hey toreka is'nt that amazing meeting a person who is a shoes imagine if you had lots of nike shoes his designs in your garage would'nt that be really hook me in your story now keep up the good work.