Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The First Term Of Fairytales

It was the first day of Term 3 as my class and I marched in to the hall for our immersion assembly, waiting to see what the teachers had in store for us. The first day of every term, the teachers would already know the topic and would dress up in anything that would relate to it. And to my surprise I saw teachers in ball gowns, crowns and swords! But what really captured my attention was Mrs Nua, I almost couldn't recognize her! Her bright blue hair was a perfect match to her flowing blue dress. As I began to sit down I set my eyes upon the screen. On it read: The Art In Storytelling.

Just then, Mr Burt entered through the hall and down the aisle holding what looked like a glass slipper. "Has anyone seen my princess?" he exclaimed in a posh voice. He was dressed in fancy pants in a frog kind of green and had polished-like shoes. "I've been searching for her day and night, but I still haven't found her!" he continued. He strolled towards Ms Barks and asked himself if she was his princess. But as soon as Mr Burt saw her pyjama pants he knew that it wasn't her. Ms Barks stood up with a sly smile spread across her face. How strange? She scattered down the aisle and tossed porridge to kids around the hall.

But my favourite item just had to be Team 3's! Ms Garden stepped on the stage as Cinderella wearing an exquisitely beautiful wedding dress with a long flowing train down behind her. Ms Walters followed wearing a little tiara anfd waving her wand. Then, as Ms Lavakula, Ms MacKinlay and Mrs Tuala scurried along the stage, you could obviously tell that they were the ugly sisters. With a crooked pointy nose, huge ears and a large pair of teeth, they all started to fight over the Cinderella's partner. YIKES! Suddenly, Mr Burt zoomed up on to the stage and questioned her. But poor Mr Burt, he still couldn't find his princess.

I am looking forward to this term a lot!  It would have been heaps of fun dressing up in fairytale costumes.


  1. That was a great story,when yes i could'nt recongise Mrs Nua at all with her blue hair and those glasise she wore.
    Great story,keep the good work up.

  2. What fabulous writing Toreka. I enjoyed every paragraph of it. Your choice of words and expressive writing brought back warm recollections of what truly was a memorable assembly.
    I also enjoyed your empathetic recount of Mr Burt's ineffectual search for his princess. Isn't it lucky he has a perfectly suited one at home :)
    Mrs Burt