Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hi I’m Toreka and today this post is about how wonderful and caring dads can be.I’m sure that everybody else in the world loves their own dad as much as I love mine. They try very hard to look after us children . Even though it seems like our mums do the work our dad’s try their very best at work as well it’s just that we don’t see them at work because we are at school studying and working hard just like our dads.
Mmm! What a great secret recipe my dad has. It’s the family favourite, sticky rice! It’s delicous! Only the best of the best would know how to make it. It is made out of sweetened condensed milk, caramel flavoured sweetened condensed milk, and of course glutinous rice! What would I be without my lovely delicous sticky rice?
My dad is also a professional at cooking curies for his family .He has made chicken curies and lamb curies they’re awesome! Even though I don’t like spices he makes sure that it isn’t too spicy for me. He is the best dad on the earth. I love you so much dad! I quickly wrote up an acrostic poem on my dad’s name.

Respects me
Awesome curry
Yummy sticky rice
Man of steel
Open to love
Nice and near
Daring and wonderful


  1. Hi Toreka

    What an awesome dad. I wish I had a dad like that.That was a great story.What is the best recipe that your dad makes tat you like?That sticky rice recipe sounded yummy.Well that is all for now.Bye!!

  2. I agree with Selena and Mubasshira - you have an awesome Dad BUT I think he has a very special daughter to be able to write so well and with such understanding about him. The poem just tops it off.
    This will be a fantastic Easter koha for him
    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi Toreka!!

    I am writing to you from Maine - a little state in the upper northeast of the United States. Can you find it on the map? It sounds like you have a great dad!! You are luck and so is he to have a great daughter. I'd love to try sticky rice sometime. We don't usually have it where I live.

    Thanks so much for teaching me new things!

    Keep blogging.


    PS I'm glad you have a Cluster Map!

  4. Hi Toreka. Great writing and a great dad too.

  5. Hi Toreka that was a great story and how you
    love your dad.You write a lot of great stuff
    you know and i like the way you think

  6. hi toreka its me paris are you sure you did this?

  7. Hi there Paris, how nice of you to read one of my blog posts. Yes, I did this along with all the other posts you can see here. Do you have something like this at your school? It'd be good to read some of your work.
    If you look further you'll find work from some of your friends from church. Check out Room 18.