Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Misunderstanding of Rumpelstiltskin

In my English class, we are learning about storytelling. Our task was to either write an original piece or to rewrite a classic. I chose to rewrite the story of Rumpelstiltskin. The following is my final edit.

Oh blast the evil queen and her wicked ways!  If it wasn't for her malicious doings, I wouldn't be scattered across this overgrown field of barren grass.  You’d think she’d have the decency to at least store my ashes safely in a vase or jar of some sort. But no, here I am disseminated among the beetles and dead worms on Mount Rumpel. You may know me as the man who spun gold for a miller’s daughter, or the man who tried to steal the queen’s first child.  

Not one soul knows the truth about me. After what the king had done, who would?  This king, is my Father.  I was the first royal child and how happy the kingdom was that the king had given birth to a boy.  However, I was not good enough for my father.  'A waste of riches and royalty' peasants complained. Of course no man would want such a hirsute child!  I was born with Ambras Syndrome and Dwarfism.  My birth caused the death of my mother.  It was too much for my Father to take in, so the guards were ordered to take me to the farthest mountain and be left there.  I was to be named so ridiculously so that no one would remember my name. And so, I was named Rumpelstiltskin.   It was against the law to speak of me. I was to be forgotten. 

The kingdom gates were locked, no one was to leave - no one was to enter, despite the annual visit of the king’s friend who was an old miller.  It was 25 years on - the kingdom was falling apart.  The king’s greed had increased so much he became crazy.  Nothing was ever enough for him.  He demanded taxes to rise so high workers were left with nothing but a penny.  

In the wild, I was forced to scavenge for food.  The only option I was left with, was the feculent sewers that ended at the bottom of Mt Rumpel.  The day came when the miller visited, and he had brought along his daughter.  This was the usual time I snuck around the kingdom, as all the focus would be on the miller.  From the sewer drains I watched as they walked together to the castle, all eyes glued on their faded pastel clothes.  Many of the young fellows tripped over themselves trying to impress the passing maiden. 

I was squeezing my plump tush through the rails when I saw a window open in one of the higher rooms of the castle. I crept along the dusty streets of the kingdom and crawled up the staircases.  I finally reached what I thought was a room of wood.  Slowly opening the door, I felt shivers slither up my spine, the miller’s daughter! Much more quickly, I began to close the door until the girl started to cry.  My piliferous ears pricked up and listened to her, “Why, how am I meant to spin straw into gold?!” she sobbed.  I couldn't believe my hairy little ears. I turned back and peeped my head in. “AAAAAAAAH!!!” she screamed.  "What an ugly little troll! Ugh! Be gone! Leave at once! What a hideous sight!"

I walked back out and grumbled, "Well I guess that straw won’t be spun into gold, will it?" "You! You can spin straw to gold!?!?!  Well what are you waiting for!?!?! SPIN!!!"  She grasped the collar of my filthy shirt and dragged me to the spinning wheel. "My existance is depending on this!! NOW SPIIN!!!" I rubbed the back of my neck and asked, "What will you give me?" "What will I give you?! What do you mean?” she laughed “Oh, I suppose I could spare you some straw and you shall spin your own gold."  I sat for a further few seconds.  "SPIN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" she shrieked, and in one swift motion, her necklace of stones was removed from her neck and heading towards my bearded face. I dodged the piece of jewellery and quickly got to work.

The night was reaching its' end when I had finished.   I sat there awkwardly expecting a compliment or reward of some sort.  "Um, maiden?  Where shall I slumber?"  She looked dumbly around the small room. "Why, there is no need to rest!  The morning is dawning, now leave! The king must think I have spun this on my own! But if you see that my father and I have not left by midday tomorrow, return to the palace, or I shall take your life. Now go!"

I did as I was told to, and returned the next day as they had not left yet.  Again I was to spin straw to gold, but this time, the amount was much more immense.  "What will you give me?" I asked.  The girl sighed, "Oh if you MUST have something, let it be my ring! For it is made of the finest gold!"  But I, am no idiot.  Why, it was simply painted silver! But I accepted the offer anyway.  And away I spun.  It wasn't till the next day I had completed the task. I tried to leave. But I was met with a very loud, firm growl as I opened the door.  "You must not leave!”, she yelled, "For the king has plans for me to spin even more!"  Footsteps made their way up the staircase and towards the room we were in. The girl picked me up and placed me in her bag.

Later that night we were brought to an even bigger room of straw.  The king said if she was to complete the task, she would be announced the new queen.  She turned the bag upside down, and I tumbled out. She laughed evilly, "Why, if you spin ALL this straw to gold, I swear on my mother's grave I will give you my first child!" She carried on laughing while I got to work.  I finally slipped out of the city and back to my shaggy hut.

It wasn't long at all until the echoes of gossiping teenagers reached my mountain.  She had given birth to a baby boy.  Once I reached the castle, I walked into the realms of the King and Queen and they both were horrified at the sight of me.  "Why! Could it really be?!" the king exclaimed. "You know this man?" she asked him.  "Why, is that you my son? I've been looking everywhere for you!!" he sarcastically announced. I looked at him lamely then looked to the queen. "Where is my promised prize?" I asked. "Why, NO! NEVER! I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE YOU MY CHILD!!!" she screeched.  The king asked her and she explained all that had happened. "I knew you were no good!" and with that been said, he took hold of his torch and within seconds I was set ablaze.

So that is my story.  My name is Rumpelstiltskin, and my ashes have been scattered across Mount Rumpel.  My father neglected me when I was child, as did everybody else.  I was just a man who's intentions were good, but I've been simply misunderstood.

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  1. Hi Toreka

    Wow! What an amazing piece of writing! Team 5 have been learning how to write fractured fairy tales with Ms Squires. This piece of writing has been used as an example of how to write a fairy tale from the perspective of another character. Thank you for sharing your excellent writing with us.