Sunday, April 7, 2013

9EAD Assignment : Bizarre Paradise

"The jaws that bite, the claws that catch." Not your ideal catch phrase for paradise. But indeed Jabberwocky is one beautiful, odd planet.  The element of bizarre starts with the planet in general. It's basically an enormous ball of tangled green tentacles weighing in at half the weight and mass of earth. Jabberwocky is also the only planet in the known universe which has a sustainable atmosphere despite having two suns. In order for the planet surface to cope with the prolonged exposure to the sun, the anaconda-like appendages roll over every two hours.

The frumzple is a plant similar to the cactus species on earth. Instead of the flesh inside the cactus, lies rows of 5 cm pearls. At each ending of a cactus branch, blooms a yellow hibiscus holding a much smaller pearl, which is in the shade of a more green sort.

The greatest animal species has been recorded as the bandersnatch. Bandersnatches are aggressive K9-like animals, coated with piliferous manes of black fur.  It shares many similarities with man’s best friend.

Jabberwocky’s source of liquid is what we now call h3o.This is because instead of two atoms of hydrogen, there are 3, meaning the liquid is much more thinner than water. H30 is the result of the planet’s appendages’ movement, similar to our human sweat, hydrating Jabberwocky so it is prepared to endure in the sun for another two hours.

In various parts of earth we humans have adapted to the extreme conditions.  How one survives in the Pacific is very different to how you survive in Antarctica.  These challenges we’ve overcome and lived through for thousands of years.  Our next challenge is whether we can adapt to the planet of Jabberwocky, it’ habitants, it’s flora, it’s fauna and it’s environment.

(Information given is confirmed imagination. Nothing affects our existence. Have a nice day.)

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