Tuesday, February 21, 2012


“Aaah!!!” I shrieked running away from the ball. It bounced and gave me a jolly good hard hit in the face. “Urgh.” I said in exhaustion and pain. I hadn’t played netball in AGES!! We were out in the scorching sun on the hard court at school, receiving netball lessons from or Instructor Liz. I don’t think I was the only one in my class in pain though.
It was a good thing that we were getting netball lessons. Well not for the boys, for me of course. I had to remind myself how and when to pass the ball. We learnt how to chest pass, pivot and well, play netball.

I got handed a bib with the letters ‘GK’, which of course is an abbreviation for Goal Keep. Thank goodness I was in that position because I was way to tired to be an attacker. My day just got better and better, as the sun got hotter and hotter. Not so long after, I almost passed out in the heat wave. We were allowed to have a little time to have some life saving water.

After having a shower under the drinking tap, I walked back to my awaiting class, making puddles for every step I took. Now that my socks were soaking wet, my shoes squeaked whenever I tried to jump pass or simply run around.

Netball was a big blast for me and I can’t wait for the season to start


  1. Love your enthusiasm which came through in your writing. I suspect that you are fitter than you let on in this piece though ;) I am sure you will have the best season yet in Netball.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Me too Toreka! It's great that you have all been given the opportunity to hone your skills prior to the season commencing.
    Don't forget to do that final proof read and tweak just before you click publish.
    Happy writing I always enjoy reading your work.

    Mrs Nua