Thursday, February 9, 2012

Charts, Statistics, Favourites, and all those Mathmatic things

With a new year, new classes and new friends , we also have new numeracy topics. My new class (Room 21) have been studying pies. Well not that gooey, hot cheese, beefy kind of pie, but the counting, mathematical, statistics kind of pie. Technically it's actually called a Pie Chart, but a Big Ben pie sounds more appealing to me.

The past days we've been taking surveys about people's favourite things. After recording all the weird and quirky things about everyone, it was time to put all our research in to presentation. Our whole class went to a website called 'Create A' and well, made a graph of course. I chose to make a chart about TV programmes in the form of a pie. As you can see the category "Other" has 13 likings. But technically that is not the most popular because each of the shows are different. So actually the most popular shows are Spongebob and Victorious.


  1. Awww you got my mouth watering when you explained not the 'hot cheese, beefy kind...' been a while since we've had pies aye Toreka?! Spongebob can be very witty - like the humour in it! You are in for one amazing year my girl. Can't wait to see what you will be coming up with this year. Love you xxx mum

  2. Hi Toreka.

    Pie graphs are one of my favourite things to do with my Sunday school classes. Now if you were to create a pie graph based on what you spend your time doing in a typical 24 hour day, what do you think the biggest 'slice' of the pie would be? Let me guess....sleeping, watching TV...?? Work hard, say your prayers and be good to your teacher and I'm sure 2012 will be another sucessful year for you at Pt England School.