Thursday, September 15, 2011

Namibia or Samoa?

As we all know we are 5 days in to the Rugby World Cup.  Today, Manu Samoa are meeting Namibia on the rugby field.  We have all been assigned to predict who will be the winners of the match.  My prediction is that Samoa will take the victory on this one.  I have seen a lot of their training and breakdowns so I am sure they are to do well.  Hopefully no one will get injured or anything so we can play as good as possible.

Sure enough, my dad knew someone who related to the team. His uncle, (my great uncle) is Lefau Harry Schuster. He was a Manu Samoa rugby player.  Only a few days ago he was visiting the family.  Since we all live close, he stayed with my Grandpa and Grandma for a while. He even took one of my uncles to the opening game where they sat in a VIP section.

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