Friday, September 23, 2011

A Game of Giggles

I  sped down to the lower field almost bursting with excitement. I just couldn’t believe we were having a games day!  Three legged races, slingshots, ball tiggy, and water races. As soon as I  finished admiring the sensational sight, I raced to the water race where my classmates were lingering. “This sports day is going to be awesome!” I thought.  For the first time ever, we were doing something for just a bit of fun.

“Aaaaand GO!!” Mrs Nua (my tall teacher) shouted. Joshua quickly soaked the sponge in the spine chilling water and threw it under his legs speedily. Shaniah caught it carefully, trying hard not to release any water. Again, she passed it to Belle, then to Shontal, Ronald, Sylvia, and then I got hold of it. I slid down the reasy grass and squeezed as much water as I possibly could in to the bucket. Dashing back to the front of the line, a feel of adrenalin rushed through me.  

The thought of winning  the prize of having a water balloon fight, made me shiver.  My deep thoughts were interrupted by a long line of screaming wet winners. We had won!! My team walked off to the next activity feeling proud, and rather damp.

Not too long after, Room 20 were running like mad maniacs, trying to tag each other with a ball. Many people were tagged and disqualified out of the game. Ball tiggy that is.  I slipped through gaps and sped from corner to corner.  I felt as if I was on CSI, one team the victims, and the other the cops. Unfortunately, my team were the victims. Unlike other teams, we had no strategy. We were like mice sneaking around trying hard not to attract any attention to ourselves. Sadly, these little mice had been caught. The other teams shared the glory after the defeat.

We then trudged over to where the lovely Ms Tito was standing. In one hand, she was holding a big blue ball. In the other she grasped on to a yellow, and quite large sling shot. “Kia ora kids!” she greeted. We all sat in a long line waiting for our turn to hit the ball in to one of the hula hoops. My turn crept closer and closer. Until it was finally me who had to pull back the slingshot and fly in to my doom. I knew I had no luck with slingshots. I reluctantly walked up to the huge launching machine, placed the ball int the groove and yanked the center back. I lowered the aim and released the slingshot. Hmph. Nothing. Well, that’s only if you consider 2 centimetres in front of you nothing.  I walked back to my seat in the grass ashamed.

Thankfully, we had the three legged race last. Well I guess it’s true they keep the luckiest for last. You see, Sylvia (one of my best friends) and I were quite the team, we waltzed up and down the track without dropping the tennis ball, or falling on top of each other. Other teams? Not so lucky. We shared our victory by helping Seini-Mino and Selena (our two close friends) out of the humongous knot. None of them could undo it. Frankly, they were just making it worst! “Keep still!” I groaned. I pulled the last few ends and, Voila! They were out of their misery.

I have really enjoyed the sports day and hope to do it again some time soon. I learnt two things that day, one : To be able to achieve your goal, work as a team. And two : Never let Selena tie a knot around your ankle!

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