Friday, December 3, 2010

Me Myself and Time

I imagine myself in my own little world. Where there's only me, myself and time. My mood controls the weather. Every thing smells like strawberries. Except for one little pink house. I don't know why it's there though. I want to give it a makeover. Make it all sparkly and pink. But I don't know what's in it. I never have. I wonder if anyone else has their own world. I wonder if it all smells like strawberries. I wonder...


  1. Yes I wonder...neat writing Toreka- had me hooked my dear! I wonder if there is more to come for this post, if it will be in pink font, if the internet can actually give off smell in the future... if we can pick what smell it produces...I wonder if strawberry will be an option...I wonder

    x Love mum

  2. Very cool writing indeed Miss Toreka. I too was hooked from the beginning.
    I think that people who dream tend to live in their own little world, imagine something else, better, different. I distinctly remember hours and hours spent swinging on a rope swing that my dad had made for me, dreaming of all sorts of imagery people, places or things. I found it relaxing.
    Keep dreaming my dear and one day you'll live in that sparkly pink, strawberry house.

  3. What a weird and unusual world, I never thought you liked strawberries, If my feelings controled the weather right now it would be a hot sunny day!!!

    Cool post from Tanielu