Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Me & My Little Bother, I mean Brother

"Toreka!" yelled my little brother,"Mum wants you!"
"Wait!" I shouted back, "Tell Mum that I'm writing an email." I could see my brother run in to my parents' room and then back out.
"She still wants you." he said ,"NOW!!"

Oh no, my pen pal would have to wait. I ran to my mum's room as fast as I could.

Hopefully she wouldn't make me do something extremely painful, like clean my room or do chores. "What are you doing?" she said firmly.
"I-I-I-I'm on the computer." I stammered. Shivers slithered up my spine.

"Clean your room!!" she yelled. Clean my room??? If you've been in my room with out an invitation, you'd understand what I'm talking about.

With out a word I put one foot after the other. "Why?!" I groaned. I opened up my door and my younger brother stood there mocking me saying, "Why?" in a high sarcastic voice. Normally, I'd laugh. But today I couldn't be bothered. "Get ouuuuuut" I moaned. "Fine" he said "But I'm taking this." And just like that, he took my jewellery box, ran to his room, and slammed the door. I put my head against his door, I could make out the words he said, " Oooo, Look at me, I'm a girl."

Angrily, I pushed open his door to find everything of mine on the ground. That was the last straw. I was about to tackle him when he held out his arms and said " W-w-wait!!! Mummy wants you!!" Typical. I went to her and told me to clean up my mess from HIS room. I went back to him he whispered, "Just joking."


  1. Tackle him aye?! Toreka I had to laugh a few times while reading this post. You know - your brother likes to annoy you though when you leave him behind - out shopping with Aunty etc...he misses you so much. He often starts being very sad and asks after you non stop! Keep up the good writing Toreka. A fun read indeed.
    Love Mum

  2. Hi Toreka,
    I completely understand the annoyance of little brothers, you just wait until he is bigger than you like mine is! Don't worry, it will get better when he is big enough for you be able to have him do things for you.
    Though I can't promise little brothers ever stop trying to annoy you :)
    Ashleigh Burt

  3. Hi Toreka,

    I really enjoyed reading the story of an annoying brother. I have a brother which is sooo annoying like yours. It might be hard for you because you are the only girl in your family. The part I really liked in your story was the 1st paragraph. It was awesome. It really hooked me in. The thing I think you should improve in your writing is that you should make your sentences more clear because, I didn't really understand a few things you were trying to say. Anyways good luck.

    Your Sincerely,

  4. Toreka,

    What a great story about you and your little brother. My little sister does the same thing. Great use of vocab. I think your 5th paragraph was fantastic! Keep Up the Great Work!


  5. Funny title too Toreka! I know how delayed is mum, I think I went straight into your post missing the title the first time around.
    Love you