Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wonderful Waiwera Part 2

" I bags the room with the double bed" I yelled when we raced inside. " No! I said it was mine first." Daniel shouted. " Would you two be quiet?" My mother said in an angry tone," We just got here and you two are already fighting. Now do me a favor and be quiet!" I stared at Daniel. "First one to the bed gets it." I whispered as soon as my mum left. I ran to all the rooms and tried to find the double bed. I shoved open the last door and jumped on to the bed. Seconds later Daniel pushed me off and he rolled on to the bed. " YOU CHEATER!" I shouted at him. He started to make funny faces at me. " Okay, next time we come here YOU get the single  bed. Deal?" he asked, while putting his hand out. " Okay" I giggled. We shook on it. " One more thing." I said slyly."What?" Daniel said. " Get out of my room!" I shouted. " Gees, calm down" He mumbled under his breath as he left. Mwahahahahahahaha! I had won the race. " Reka do you want to come swim in the hotel pool?" My dad yelled from the sitting room. " Of COURSE!" I said while racing to find my togs. Moments later Daniel was trying to push me off the big black donut. " Stop it!" I cried.  "Ha ha!" he chuckled. I eventually fell of and started splashing water in to Daniel's face. "No fair!" he yelled, " You've got goggles and I can't find mine!" By now I was happy with the revenge I had given to Daniel.  I saw my little brother race to the gate and pushed it open. He slowly walked in to the pool from the shallow bit" Hi guys!" he said eagerly. Oh, boy........

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