Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Twenty First Birthday

Kia Ora every body!  During September, my aunt Sara celebrated her 21st. This meant she could catch up with her old friends and some of her family she hadn't seen in a long time too!  Our task for this term was to show a celebration that we've been to and that includes food! I chose my aunty's birthday. It was a lot of fun producing it. It's been weeks in the making . 

Sara- I hope you like my movie


  1. Hi Toreka. That was awesome. I like it when your eye winks, the mouth movements and the voiceovers - very good! Too bad I wasn't on it! : )
    Well done Toreka!
    Aunty Masele

  2. Hi Toreka,
    Well done on the blog page.
    regards Uncle Dennis

  3. hae toreka!!
    what a cool movie, now I feel like making one myself! hehe. Great job.
    Elu banana .

  4. Kiaora Dear Toreka

    WOW!! that was awesome!!! you did a great job!! Well done!
    I look forward to seeing more GREAT work from you. keep it up!

    (P.S thanku for making aunty look skinny.hehe)

  5. Hi Toreka
    That was a nice animation of your aunty birthday. I really like the dialouge and how your mouth matches. Also I like the graphics I cant wait till your next animation with dialouge. Good Job Toreka.

    From Seini-Mino