Wednesday, October 14, 2009

C-C-C-Candy land?

Marshmallows for clouds? Chocolate milk for rivers? Bridges made out of candy canes? Houses made of gingerbread? Where was I? What had happened to me? Had I gone crazy? Did I have an injury?

It was astonishing. I JUST couldn't believe. I couldn't! I saw a little boy running 'round and 'round. As if on cue, he fell down as I approached him. " Do you know what this place is?" I asked in a desperate tone. " Of course silly!" he giggled, " You're in Candy Land! The most beautiful place in the world." " C-C-C-Candy land?" I asked. " Sure" he replied " Don't you see the clouds? The rivers? The bridges? The houses?Everything is edible!" My frown turned upside down. " Everything??" I said slyly.

I munched and crunched on the houses. Luckily, no one lived here. I swallowed big gulps of chewed up candy. I sucked on all the lollipop posts. They were scrumptious! By the time I was full it looked like a hurricane had come upon this strange land. Then, I spotted the most beautiful thing. A magnificent sight indeed. I dribbled over the HUGE chocolate tree. I dashed to the tree but it started to dissolve. Everything started to vanish from my sight. I ran around the whole place looking for the little boy. I passed quite a few of delicious sights. But there was no time for eating. I had to find that kid!

The lollipop I was still sucking on started to taste bland. I blinked ten times. Eeeewwwww! Gross!!!! I Toreka Tele'a, was sucking on my pillow!! I hope I don't have any more strange dreams. Not for my tongue, but for my pillow! My head would be soaking!

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  1. Toreka what a magnificent piece of writing! I was certainly captured - it was as if I was on a sugar coated whirlwind! I didn't want it to end. Your writing just keeps getting better! Keep up the great writing Toreka, I am so impressed!