Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Petrifying Performance

"Shh" whispered Mrs Tele'a impatiently. It was the first night of the production and my teeth couldn't stop chattering. All the production people were lined up. anxiously waiting for the show to begin. We were performing The Toy Shop On Zip Zap Avenue, and I was three of the toys: A barbie doll, transformer and a troll. I was so nervous that goosebumps popped out of nowhere!

The time came when we all had to go out and sing the main song. The first thing I noticed was that the hall was full! Full of parents searching for their kids on the stage. My stomach felt like butterflies were fluttering inside me. But huge butterflies! The thought of performing made me more scared than a mouse in a cat's mouth. But yet, it was really fun. Sorry if I confused you.

The time passed so quickly, the transformers were on. My heart raced faster and faster. The beat of music had entered the hall, and I was ready to perform. I was as ready as I'd ever be. Doo be doo ba bam! Doo be doo ba bam! The music swiftly swayed in to my ears. I t was like I was persuaded to dance!

Finally, the finale had arrived. Every body was laughing and having fun. I just spotted my family and waved and smiled. I think it's cool that we have productions because we can show off our talents to our community.

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