Friday, February 22, 2013

Swimarama, as an Intermediate student

Slowly, I trudged up the dripping steel staircase, aware that this was my last chance to cruise down the black worm according to the rules. Feet first. One at a time. No blocking up the water.  My cousins and I found that last rule a bit hard to deal with, so I guess that's why I'd already been kicked off twice that day.  But my younger cousin Jorja and I assured the lifeguards that it wouldn't happen again, so we were able to continue gliding down the hydro-slide.

Once we reached the top of the treacherous tower, I leaped forward into the slide, shrieking a loud nothing in to the black hole. I laughed my way through all the bruises and pain as I hopped out of the small landing pool. I noticed a huge clan of girls and boys running towards the diving pool. My eyes lit up as I sprinted out pushing through everybody and lining up to have my turn on the Diving Board, although I think we both know I can't dive.

My turn eventually arrived so I crawled up the ladder and stepped on to the blue plank. Once I was signalled by the lifeguard, I sprinted forward and leaped in to the air flipping backwards three times and perfectly streamlined in! Then I switched back to reality, with my long toes hanging over the diving board, with my stomach the only thing back flipping. I finally gather the courage to jump, so I bounce once, twice, then I propel my self forward, then while falling from the sky, shape myself into a ball, hitting the water with a thud.


  1. Yay a story from Toreka! I could never imagine you breaking the rules lovely Miss. I hope all is well for you at high school, I'm sure you are continuing to shine.
    Miss you loads and please keep writing - I need some more great examples to use with my class.

  2. Great to see you continuing to write Reka! I love the way you use words so cleverly to let your audience share the experience. I'm just wondering whether you have a plan to author a book? Miss your smiling face at PES!
    Mrs Nua

  3. Hi Toreka! Great to see a post from you. I was actually about to search up one of your old posts from last year to use as an exemplar for my class writing task this week. Hope things are going well at College. Keep us up to date with whatever you get up to this year! All the best.

    Mrs Lagitupu

    (p.s. I've been missing your movie making skills in class lately!)