Monday, October 29, 2012

Writing Sample

“Bears?! I didn’t know there were BEARS here !!?!?!!” shrieked little Anna, causing a huge rainbow of birds to rise and flap away. “Sssshh!! You  scare them,” Toby whispered angrily at Anna while pointing to the birds hurrying away.  “But look! BEARS!!!!” she shouted (even louder this time) pointing with her chubby little finger to an information sign about the Grizzly Bear.

Three year old Toby and eight year old Anna were being taken out for a visit to Grizzly Woods. Their parents had flown overseas for an important family meeting, while their Uncle Robert was to look after them.  Toby was excited by anything and everything and loved to run around, meanwhile Anna absolutely loved being outdoors and the excitement of being surrounded in huge trees. So Robert decided to take them out to Grizzly Woods.

Unfortunately, the kids thought it would be a great idea to race ahead of their Uncle at the first sight of an information sign. He eventually caught up, again lecturing them of the importance of staying near.  Then told them to hush because they could get kicked out of the park.  Anna again repeated the “big news” about BEARS while breaking off a branch and pretending to be slicing an enemy.

Little Toby’s face slowly dropped into a sad, shocked face.  So Rob quickly put him in his pram and gave Anna her backpack and said “Come on! Let’s go find a table to eat lunch.”  After another killer distance of walking, they found an old rugged picnic table.

Slowly Anna helped unpack the Jam sammies and fruit, while Uncle Rob tried to wake Toby and unlatch him from the pram.  Eventually the table was filled with creamy potato salad, sticky pork ribs, mussel chowder and an endless variety of sandwiches. “DARN IT!” Uncle Rob shouted smacking his sweaty hand against his forehead. “I forgot the plates!” He then looked at the two kids noticing they had already started eating and forgot all about it in a confusion of ribs, potatoes, and Just Juice.

“CRUNCH.” Toby lifted his head out of the mussel chowder and screamed.  There, standing on top of a squashed pram, was a pile of big brown fur, razor sharp teeth, and an evil look of hunger stuck in big black eyes.  “GRIZZLY BEAR!!!!!” Anna screamed while sprinting away. Rob quickly jumped out of his seat and grabbed Toby and tried to escape the deadly beast. “Annnaaaa!!!! WAAAIT!!!” the two boys shrieked. Rob tripped over a broken branch while dropping Toby. “Run Toby!!! RUN!!!” Little Toby, confused with all the commotion, stood up and tried to help Rob up.

“Slop.” A big fat blob of saliva dropped onto Rob’s head. He reluctantly turned over to a wide pair of jaws, ready to attack.  Toby screamed and Rob just closed his eyes, knowing it was time.  The animal slowly picked his prey up with one paw and raised the other with his claws extended.

“HEY YOU BIG FAT GRIZZLY BEAR!” a little voice screamed.  The grizzly turned around while dropping Rob to the ground. “No! Don’t Anna!” Uncle Rob yelled. “You want some of this?!” she continued holding up a big bowl of potato salad.  The grizzly bear started to waltz toward the 8 year old.  “NOOOOO!!!!!” Toby and Rob shrieked. She placed the bowl on the ground and ran away.  He picked up the bowl and demolished it as a whole. The 3 family members quickly ran off home.

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