Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scone making...with lemonade.

“No we’ll use the raisin one!” Tule pleaded. “But the method’s easier in this one!” Tyla defended. “But that one uses too much flour. The other groups need flour too!” Chanel pointed out. “Lets just use this one.” I said calmly...and loudly.

It was the 1st day of camp, and it was one of those times when you didn’t know if the sun wanted to sleep in or to give the rain the job. Anyway, I was a leader for ‘The Respect Crew.’ Today our first activity was cooking, well in this case baking. Scones that is. There were 5 of us in my cooking group : Oshania, Chanel, Tule, Tyla B, and of course myself.

We were all trying to find the best scone recipe ever (without raisins or sultanas of course.) Tyla found one that had lots of flour. Chanel and Tule had found one with raisins, so obviously we didn’t choose that one. But then Oshania and I, well, we found a recipe involving a can of lemonade. Yes, I said lemonade! (Well, typed anyway.)

Once we decided on the lemonade scones, we got to work and started mixing up the dough. Soon, my hands were white and covered in flour. Then we poured in the can of lemonade and the cream, and Chanel mixed it over and over. Not so long after, Tyla and I were sprinting down to the Hall Kitchen shrieking “OUR SCONES ARE BURNING!! OUR SCONES ARE BURNING!!” just to find that we were screaming lies.

In the end, we ate a scone each and gave the rest to afternoon tea for campers. And, not to be bragging or anything but, I think the lemonade scones were the best.


  1. Hi Toreka.

    Well that’s another recipe to add to your repertoire!
    We have a box of Spree lemonade at home in the cupboard so I will be expecting scones for supper sometime soon : )
    I’m glad you enjoyed camp...again....and well done on taking out the prestigious Camp Concert title for 2012.
    I have been to a few over the years and have seen some really good items but I must say Respect Crew was one of the best I’ve seen!
    You so lucky to have had some awesome camps during your time there at Pt England.
    I want to try and come along to the next one!


  2. Lemonade scones are my favourite -and so easy too! Just try not to think of the bottle of cream you pour in to make them!!!

  3. What a wonderful piece of writing Toreka! As you can imagine, I seem to have read hundreds of camp posts in the past 3 days and you have no idea how much your post stood out from the very first sentence.
    What a talent you have here. I know your goal is to master heaps of sports this year (great goal - go hard!) but at the same time make the most of every writing opportunity you get to hone this skill you have.

    I would be keen to try those lemonade scones too ;)

    Mrs Burt