Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Character Description

 In writing, we are learning about character description.  I chose my little, 5 year old brother, Justus.

I was 5 years old when I first saw my little brother.  He was pink and rather small. But it’s a whole different story now.  

He has a tone of a light tan brown. Coal black, shiny, hair. And he has chubby cheeks and deep dimples to match.  Some how he manages to wear his dirty chucks almost everywhere. I’m surprised he doesn’t wear them to sleep!  He has dark long eyelashes that flutter whenever he talks in his squeaky high voice.

He tends to always be making noise or be eating something cheesy.  His heart is full of laughs and smiles.  We manage to find him stuck in a tree or something, on one of his ‘adventures’.  I guess that’s why he’s always tired.

Thankfully, his little adventures keep him amused.  But sometimes they lead to trouble. Like the one time he pretended that the hose was a snake.  Whenever he turned it on he said the water was it’s tongue.  The hose sprayed the whole deck.  The deck, which had all of our washing.

He enjoys playing a mini game of league in the living room with my elder brother. And they’re bound to end up laughing or crying.  It might seem annoying, but you kind of get used to it though.

Now he’s at school, and he’s more energetic than ever.  He has heaps of friends, which he plays with all the time.  He’s still cheeky though.  It always makes me laugh when I think back to how he was small and quite.  Although he can be bothering, I still love him.


  1. Wow! Toreka,

    Love your story of the Character Description.
    You know Toreka, you have usen cool and lots of excitment words there. Your story is tempting me to comment on your blog.

    Nice Job! Toreka

  2. Love your story of the Character Description.You know Toreka, you have usen cool and lots of excitment words there.

  3. WOW! Toreka

    You are a very talented writer.
    Keep up the good work!


  4. What a very good character description of Justus. Yes you do love him! While he can be annoying he so misses you when you're away for a bit. He certainly is someone who brings a lot of laughs and joy our way. I really enjoyed reading this Toreka. You have described the little big guy well. Love you, love your writing.