Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Science of Senses

The piece of information that caught my attention, was that the coldest day in New Zealand was in Central Otago -21.6 degrees. It was warmer for them to hop in to their freezers then to stay outside! And the coldest day was in Marlborough Rangiora, and the temperature was 42.4 degrees.

Secondly, one of the organisers had a blow torch and blasted a hole through a zinc covered piece of metal. Green and white flames burst in to the air with a gasp of amazement from the crowd.In the end the back of it was a dark velvet purple, in the front it was white. He explained that the zinc was burnt off and the metal was rusting quite fast. It was very fascinating. It made me wonder a whole lot more about the world of science...


  1. Malo Toreka. I like that you and your peers had the chance to visit the Science Fair at Tamaki College today. I'm glad to read that you now wondering a lot more about the world of science! It's great to become curious about such things. With the use of your netbook I have no doubt that you'll be finding out a lot more for yourself. Toreka, check out your second sentence - you've 'then' instead of 'than'. xx love you

  2. It's great to wonder about things Toreka. I think you'll find the metal was copper - you could check out it's melting point. Do you remember what the temperature is that registers 'absolute zero'? I found that rather intriguing... I'll be looking forward to what else intrigues you within the Scientific World.
    Mrs Nua


    Seriously Science? Your making me Curious just reading about it! What an awesome opportunity you got....This wouldve really made you confused in what you wanted to be when you grow up? Is it back to scientist? lol....

    Love you heaps and heaps