Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Japanese Counting

Now that it is a brand new term, we have different classes to switch in to after morning tea. Last term, I was in Mrs Tele'as' class last term and now I am in Mrs Nua's group. At the moment, we're getting taught to count in Japanese. These are the numbers I learnt.
1 - Ichi
2- Ni
3 - San
4 -She
5 - Go
6 - Roku
7 - Nana
8 - Hachi
9 - Kyu
10 - Jyu

Konichi watashi no namae wa Toreka.
Translation :
Hi my name is Toreka.


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  1. Hi Toreka this is Porscha from room 14. I just read your Japanese counting story.I think that its really cool the way you actually wrote Japanese counting.
    TINO PAI!!!