Thursday, April 14, 2011

Honesty & Hope

Last week we were assigned to complete a movie showing one of the values of Pt England School. I teamed up with Sylvia and Thora. My group and I couldn't decide whether to do Honesty, or Hope. So we did both. We all agreed that honesty is telling the truth about your own mistakes. And that hope is fighting to believe that we can achieve whatever we choose to.


  1. Beautiful Toreka...

    What an awesome story, Ireally love this one.. HOPE AND HONESTY...
    It is so important to know these two words but also live by it:) the video is soo amazing!! Great reminder of what we must strive to be HONEST AND HAVE HOPE:)AWESOME TEAM WORK,THE PT ENGLAND WAY IS THE WAY TO BE:)


  2. Nice work girls I would have loved to have heard more of Thora's sweet notes!
    It's great to see you thinking about the importance of our values.
    Let's see more of your own great graphics next time!
    Mrs Nua