Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny, Tropical Fiji

Being in Fiji has been simply AMAZING! And I’m not just saying that because I FINALLY got to go on a plane. We went inside a submarine, went snorkeling, raced geckos, and EVEN rode horses on the beach.

The name of the hotel we stayed in is called ‘The Westin’. It is a lovely place with their kind workers and scrumptious meals. They have a REALLY nice pool, a gym, nice walking tracks and absolutely BEAUTIFUL gardens. At the front of the hotel was the beach side, and if you walk down the long pathway, you would see that there about 8 other hotels, all lined up against each other. The cool thing is that you can use other hotels’ pools. One day our family went pool hopping. Another cool thing about the hotels is The Bula Bus. It drives from hotel to hotel, picking up and dropping off tourists and hotel guests.

On the second day there, we went on a cruise to South Sea Island-an uninhabited island. When we finally reached our destination, we all hopped out of the boat and on to a jetty. The water was so clear that if you were to just sit in the water, you could see fish swimming around you! The sand was white ! It was like the pictures in the brochure! But better! After getting over how white the sand was, we went inside a submarine. We saw stingrays, blue starfish, masses of coral and huge fish!

After four days of buffet breakfasts, we headed for Sonasalei. A famous hotel, packed with tourists. We felt special because it’s seems much more private. You have to get to a jetty and cross a river to get there. There were heaps of Australians there, my mum began to start talking with an Aussie accent! For one day, the adults went to Nadi while the kids went to the Kids Club. This was the place where we did all the EXCITING stuff like, catching crabs, racing geckos and kayaking! After getting tired and adventurous, we went for a little dip.

Being in Fiji has been one of the best things I have ever done!


  1. Next time you go you need to take me. I will carry your bags, keep you from getting an Australian accent, wipe the sand from your feet... anything you need.
    Sounded like so much fun.

  2. shot Toreka yes Bula vinaka ....still think about our amazing rooms at the westin and how could do with those kinds of rooms here with the weather....air conditioning....awesome trip and awesome writing reka to be continued...lolx aunty nonax

  3. Oh it's coming back to me...again! The way you write Toreka gives such a true picture of what we enjoyed in Fiji. It was a huge blessing to have our family there too - Aunties, Uncle and cuzzie Ivan. I can tell that you've got Miss Garden hooked now, it'll be no surprise if she's already checking out a holiday soon in Fiji. Power of your writing - persuasive indeed! Sold! Keep up the wonderful writing Toreka, love this post.
    Love mum

  4. Hi Toreka

    It looked like you had so much fun in Fiji, Make sure you put more video's from your trips and I will KEEP ON COMMENTING ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!