Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Manaiakalani Film Festival


  1. Hi Toreka

    You were a super fabulous presenter. What a great way to present and introduce all the movies in our cluster. Well done you!

  2. Hi Toreka,

    We loved seeing you on the "big" screen!! We thought you represented our school very well with your nice clear speaking and the good expression in your voice!

  3. Malo lava Toreka,
    You did an amazing job presenting for the Film Festival - well done.
    How did you feel seeing yourself on that huge screen?
    Mrs Nua

  4. Talofa lava Toreka,

    I loved the way you presented the films to alot of people. You are a great presenter Toreka.
    Thank you for sharing that was a wonderful movie to watch. Keep it up Reka!

    From Sela Room10@ PT England

  5. Hi Toreka.
    I just loved the way you presented.
    You were the best. by Tatiyana